Here’s What A K-Pop Idol’s Reaction To Performances At Award Shows Really Means

Everyone enjoys the show differently.

When a K-Pop idol in the audience gets on camera at award shows, sometimes an interesting reaction is captured and broadcasted for fans to see.

Whether it’s an embarrassing situation…

…a hardcore fanboy moment…

…or a stern facial expression not indicating much at all. However, do these seemingly serious expressions really tell how idols feel about the performance?

Tablo discusses some idols’ reactions that are caught on camera and how there may be more than meets the eye.

He explains that some people are just shy, while others may feel pressure to put forth a serious image and elegant image. Young artists can especially feel this pressure.

When it’s your first experience with [award shows], you feel like you’re not supposed to get up or you’re supposed to look cool or something. I don’t fault them for that.

— Tablo

He explains, however, occasionally there’s a group who isn’t afraid to show their enthusiasm for the performances, which helps encourage other artists to feel comfortable doing the same, such as groups like BTS and Super Junior.

Because [BTS] liked our music, they like hip-hop. They understand it.

— Tablo

He explains that sometimes when an idol’s reaction is captured and they appear to be “bored,” fans might interpret it as disrespectful. However, these idols are likely just trying to appear polite.

You can be really into something and not look like it.

— Tablo

So next time you see an idol’s reaction on the big screen, keep in mind everyone enjoys the show differently…

…whether that means a grandiose reaction or silent support!

Watch Tablo’s full thoughts on the topic below.