K-Pop Idol Responds To Netizens Who Think He Looks “Prone To Scandals”

He’s instead known as “the most reliable celebrity.”

FT ISLAND recently joined fellow second-generation K-Pop idols, KARA‘s Youngji and BTOB‘s Eunkwang, to film for the YouTube talk show King Of Returned To School Singer.

During the episode, FT ISLAND’s leader, Lee Hongki, opened up about the media’s and netizens’ misconceptions about him and reacted to comments he frequently sees.

| 스튜디오 지지지/YouTube

Lee Hongki is known for his incredible vocal talent and was discovered after appearing in the K-Drama Kkangsooni when he was 13 years old.

He participated in the show’s soundtrack and sang live during the show’s final episode, immediately earning attention for his powerful vocals.

Lee Hongki remembered receiving calls from multiple companies after the final episode aired and shared that, at the time, he was frequently going to noraebangs and challenging talented vocalists from other schools.

KARA’s Youngji noted that the FT ISLAND leader was a social butterfly, which had many believing he led a “lively and interesting life.” Youngji added that he was known as a K-Pop idol who looked like he would be prone to scandals but was actually “the most reliable celebrity.

When asked if he was aware of this reputation, Lee Hongki acknowledged that he had seen the phrase “very often” and responded to netizens, saying he understood why people said it.

Lee Hongki shared that it felt like a “meme” he couldn’t escape. It got to a point where netizens would comment that he was “holding up well” whenever he made an appearance and remained “scandal-free.”

The FT ISLAND leader noted that no matter what he did, he couldn’t get away from those comments, and Youngji jokingly concluded that it must be because he had a “mischievous” image.

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