What Happens If An Idol Has Zero Singing Skills? A K-Pop Vocal Trainer Spills The Tea

There are positives and negatives when it happens.

Before and after debut, the skills of every member in a group aren’t always as high as fans expect. Vocal trainer Sol Lee, who’s taught at major K-Pop companies like YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment and smaller ones that are brand new, revealed what happens if their singing skills are completely nonexistent.

Because an idol has multiple talents, sometimes vocal ability isn’t the top priority when selecting a trainee or artist to join the company. Sol Lee admitted, “There are people who can’t sing at all, but you know they have to be signed.

Since they have no basics at all, it can be overwhelming for the person in charge of preparing them. Sol Lee shared how she reacts in those situations where she has to give them skills to boost their starpower. She said, “And I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god. I have so much work to do.’

On the other hand, there’s actually a positive to someone having no singing experience. Sol Lee confirmed it was much easier to teach them.

The idols and trainees who already had singing experience were the ones with specific habits that were “more difficult to get rid of.

While many idols have natural talent in singing, there are rappers or those who’ve never sung before that can improve their skills with vocal training. It just may take a while to get them where they need to be.

Picture is for illustrative purposes only (former A-JAX’s Yunyoung).

Source: YouTube