The 2 K-Pop Idols That Made AleXa Starstruck When Meeting Them

She’s now become friends with them.

Since her amazing debut in 2019, AleXa has met many other K-Pop idols during her promotions and shared which two artists left her the most starstruck at their first meeting.

AleXa | @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

Although AleXa has been starstruck many times by all the idols she’s met, she couldn’t forget the first time it happened. She shared, “When I first debuted, I ran into this one group that I really look up to. Their name is A.C.E.

When meeting the five-member boy group, AleXa was so amazed that she almost couldn’t speak. She added, “They’re a really talented performance group, and so I was a little speechless when I first met them and introduced myself to them. It was kind of awkward.

The other artist that left AleXa stunned was none other than the legendary HyunA. They met when AleXa participated in the “Ping Pong” dance challenge.

Because AleXa was a fan of HyunA through all her eras, finally meeting the idol she admired so much left her in disbelief. And that one meeting led to the two singers becoming close friends.

That was my first time seeing her in person, and we’ve gotten close since then. But, I was just so starstruck after being her fan for so many years.

— AleXa

Getting the chance to meet the artists you’ve looked up to would leave anyone stunned—even a K-Pop idol.

A.C.E | @official_ACE7/Twitter

Listen to AleXa share those wonderful moments of meeting the idols that inspired her.