Here’s Why K-Pop Idols With Darker Skin Often Wear Lighter Face Makeup

Makeup artists spilled all the tea about it.

From a culture where pale skin is considered ideal, K-Pop idols who embrace their naturally darker skin tones like EXO‘s Kai are celebrated among fans—especially international ones.

Although beautifully golden skin like NCT‘s Haechan‘s is sometimes captured in its full glory, most of the time, makeup artists take that glow away.

Often, idols with tan skin end up with a pale face that creates a startling contrast to their neck. Since many fans wonder why makeup artists “do them dirty” with these looks, two makeup artists reveal why this happens.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

In an episode of AYO‘s Comment Defenders, Jennyhouse makeup artists Doy and In Ha addressed fans’ concerns.

In Ha claimed that paler skin shows up brighter when viewing performances, “When idols with bright skin and dark skin are on the screen together, [the] dark skin member doesn’t stand out.

For idols with tan skin to appear just as bright as their paler members, that particular member—or the company—requests the makeup artist to lighten their face makeup. “So, sometimes they ask for bright skin. Or, sometimes the company asks us.

Doy also shared one of the methods that makeup artists use to achieve that brighter skin on tan idols.

Though In Ha denied that Jennyhouse used the technique, Doy revealed that some makeup artists only brighten the center of the face. “Idols who really want [brightness], do it in the middle.

While no one can deny the fact that idols like SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu stand out from their group because of their tan skin, it’s unfortunate that makeup artists are instructed to cover it up by “brightening” it.

Mingyu (far left) | @pledis_17/Twitter

Although many think makeup artists are the ones to blame, they aren’t the ones who are responsible. Watch Doy and In Ha solve a much-debated topic here.