The Clever Trick K-Pop Idols Use To Hide Who They’re Dating—From Their Companies And Fans

The idol couples even hide each other from their parents and friends.

Since it’s common for K-Pop idols to keep their dating lives private to prevent any possible backlash, they’ve learned a few tips and tricks to keep it that way. Having spent twelve years training under companies like JYP Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment, K-Pop lyricist and travel writer Gina Maeng revealed how her famous idol friends date without anyone knowing.

Gina Maeng and IU. | @thesummergirl_10/Instagram

Although there aren’t many known couples among K-Pop idols, there’s a reason why they haven’t been revealed to the public. Gina Maeng admitted, “I am a good cover-up for some of the K-Pop couples.

Idols are so secretive about who they’re dating that sometimes their friends and parents don’t even know. Gina Maeng revealed how she plays a part in making that possible.

So they use me as a front to their company, or to their parents, or to their friends, fans…

— Gina Maeng

Because she’s friends with both of the idols, they use Gina Maeng as a cover-up by saying they’re all meeting up together as friends. She said, “They’re ‘meeting me’ when they’re actually going on a date.

To make the cover-up seem as realistic as possible, Gina Maeng will actually meet up with the idol couple but leave them alone for their romantic private time.

Though the three of us would get together, I’d leave during the date.

— Gina Maeng

Like a true friend who wants to see her friends happy, Gina Maeng only helps out the idols that she’s close to.

I don’t do that for strangers. I do it for some of the idols that I’m friends with.

— Gina Maeng

Since many idols have a few well-known friends that the public is aware of, Gina Maeng doesn’t seem to be the only friend helping idol couples keep their relationships secret. After all, who would think anything unusual about a few idol friends meeting up?

Gina Maeng’s reunion with former JYP Entertainment artists. | @thesummergirl_10/Instagram
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