Veteran K-Pop Idols Expose The Hate They Received For Starting Personal YouTube Channels

It was a rough road for them when they first started.

Though K-Pop fans love to see their favorite idols open up YouTube channels and share unseen parts of their lives, that wasn’t always the case.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa vlogging. 

Looking back on starting their personal YouTube channels in 2018, veteran idols Apink spoke up about the harsh comments they originally received because of it.


Apink appeared on a segment of IDDP and read a part of their bio that noted four out of the five members have personal YouTube channels. Namjoo revealed they’d all listened to Bomi‘s advice and followed suit by starting YouTube channels. Despite how successful it became for them, it wasn’t an easy road at first.

But, you know what? [Bomi] said, ‘Guys, you should start doing this. You guys would regret it later, you know?’

— Namjoo

Bomi spoke about how harsh people had been to them. As Namjoo agreed, Bomi admitted, “We even received negative comments when we started this.

At the time, idols making YouTube channels weren’t as common. Bomi explained, “Since we jumped into quite a new market, we’ve received so many negative comments in the beginning.

Thanks to their determination to keep going and the fans who supported them through it all, it was worth it in the end. Bomi praised fans’ never-ending support, “But since they appreciated us a lot and loved our members, we’re so happy right now.

Without veteran idols pushing into new areas and exceeding expectations, they wouldn’t be able to evolve.


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