K-Pop Idols Once Got Shook Due To BTS V’s Insane Visuals

It’s not just ARMYs who are mesmerized by V’s visuals!

It’s no secret that BTS‘s V has insane visuals, as he’s even won #1 for Starmometer‘s “Best Face In The World” multiple times.

During an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, lots of idols were shocked when they saw a picture of V, and were giving him lots of praise.

It turns out that the idols were looking at a picture of V with a bob haircut. This ended up amazing the cast member of TMI News, as they were mesmerized by V’s beauty.

The cast members saw some more photos of V and kept commenting on how well V looked.

A netizen even fell in love with the photoshopped picture of V!

Here’s the full video below!