These 5 BLINDFOLDED performances are further proof K-pop stars are amazing

K-Pop idols know their songs and choreography inside and out and, to prove that, these five groups did the unthinkable and performed blindfolded!

Behind every performance is a dedicated and talented idol. Every day, they spend hours to improve each and every dance move for a perfect performance. They say practice makes perfect and that’s definitely the case for these talented groups. In fact, it turns out that practice makes not only a perfect performance but an incredible blindfolded one too.

Enjoy their 5 amazing performances below:

1. History – “May Just Die”

LOEN Entertainment‘s first boy group, History, practiced “May Just Die” with sleep masks. Their performance was so spot-on, it was almost as if they were not blindfolded at all!

2. BTS – “Boy Meets Evil, Pt. 1”

At the 2016 Mnet Asian Music AwardsBTS‘s Jimin performed a segment of “Boy Meets Evil” blindfolded. He demonstrated complete control over the situation and even performed a series of intricate spins.

Jimin’s blindfolded dance starts at 0:33.

3. VIXX – Solo Dance

The first of VIXX‘s Global Milky Way Global Showcases took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the HGH Convention Center, N performed an entire solo dance blindfolded. Starlights (VIXX’s fan club) were astounded and amazed by his confidence and sexy moves.

4. SHINee – “Evil”

SHINee‘s performance of “Evil” left fans in awe of their talent. Despite their blindfolds, the charismatic idols performed in perfect synchronization. The event took place during the SHINee World III concert tour.

5. GFRIEND – “Navillera”

MBC Every1‘s hit reality show Showtime featured two groups for their 7th season. On the 6th episode, GFRIEND practiced “Navillera” while blindfolded at the Source Music Studio. The video captured the girls exclaiming with surprise as they bumped into each other. Amazingly, some members performed flawlessly despite the visual handicap. Check out the hilarious video below!

How many of your favorite group’s dances can you do blindfolded?