How K-Pop Idols Are Shaped in JYP Entertainment

Visuals, vocal and dance training aren’t enough.

JYP Entertainment recently released their Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which discussed in detail how their artists are shaped and nurtured through character-building programs on top of the usual vocal and dance training.

Park Jin Young presented the JYP programs, among them the lessons their artists and trainees undergo to emerge as true leaders. The holistic approach they took in developing their artists included lessons in humanity forms and gender equality,

In an episode of the Youtube Original TWICE: Seize the Light, Park Jin Young expressed that it took more than just having beautiful looks to be a K-Pop idol.

What would it be like to show kids who have healthy, beautiful minds? What would it be like to share with the public, through music and other content, how they are growing up diligently and uprightly?

— Park Jin Young

The company also offers health check-ups, and mental care support, accessible anytime, any place, not only for their idols but for all employees as well. Fans are well-informed about JYP’s nurturing and care about their idols, especially in the face of challenging times these idols go through in their careers.

JYP also share the importance of a healthy diet for their artists, trainees, and employees. They support this advocacy through their restaurant, which serves food using certified organic ingredients.

| JYP Entertainment/ Youtube

Even the ambiance of their restaurant is conducive to eating well.

| Master in the House / SBS

Watch the full JYP ESG Report here: