K-Pop Idols Are Pulling On Their Boots And Here’s Why You’ll Want To Too

It’s time to pull out your boots!

There aren’t many articles of clothing that translate well from the hot summer months to the colder temperatures of winter or vice versa but all hope is not lost because your favorite idols have got you covered!


The chill is settling in and its time to pull out your cozy sweaters and long pants.


But there may be one more item that you might want to rock this winter, tall boots!


This piece is completely trendy this season.


Idols from Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon to Hyuna have all rocked the look in the past and are bringing it back again this year!


From knee-length booties…


To something a little more thigh-high…


This accessory works to keep your legs nice and toasty when wearing a dress or skirt!


And the piece doesn’t just look good with dresses or skirts, it can easily be paired with a pair of jeans for a more casual cool look!


It also goes great with whatever kind of look you’re going for. From a more feminine formal look…


To something a little bit sexier, this piece has got you covered!


But the nice thing about tall boots is that you don’t have to wear them just in the colder months! They also translate well to warmer temps and look fantastic with summer staples like shorts.


With a look so versatile, no wonder a number of idols have been spotting rocking the trend and now you can too!