Meet the Currently Youngest K-Pop Idol in the Industry

She debuted just last month.

Recently, the topic of “the youngest active girl group member” became overwhelmingly popular in online communities.

The star of these posts is the youngest member of girl group Busters named Yeseo.

Yeseo is a new member of Busters, who just joined on the 1st of last month. She was born in 2005, meaning she’s just 13 years old.

She might be young, but she has 10 years of acting experience under her belt.

Before she debuted with the group, she appeared in works such as the 2013 movie, Miracle in Cell No. 7. 

This member, who is known as the currently youngest K-Pop idol in the industry, is already receiving overwhelming attention for her outstanding looks and charms.

It’s hard not to ignore her beautiful facial characteristics, and her adorable smile is capable of melting just about anyone’s heart.

Since it’s only been one month since her debut with Busters, there’s no telling how far she’ll go with her refreshing and youthful charms.



Source: Insight