A K-Pop Insider Recalls Being Shocked After Seeing BTS’s J-Hope In Person

Who’s ready to see J-Hope in real life?

An online community board post gained attention for a netizen’s experience seeing K-Pop idols in-person. This netizen worked in the K-entertainment industry and had a job that allowed them to see many celebrities in this field. They wrote down a list of idols that they have seen in-person and talked about the experience.

Out of all the idols that they met, they were the most shocked after seeing BTS’s J-Hope face-to-face.

They expressed that they couldn’t even properly explain or describe how good-looking he was in real-life. They couldn’t believe that someone could have a nose so high and perfect like J-Hope as well. They felt that many people usually chose other BTS members as good-looking (in the posters’ opinion) but they felt that after seeing J-Hope, they would always remember him the most. They were sad that the TV and broadcasts couldn’t properly show just how amazing J-Hope looked like in reality.

Other K-Pop idols that stood out to the poster included:

TWICE’s Mina

“Mina was already popular for being one of the prettiest members of TWICE but after seeing her in real-life I was completely shocked. I just couldn’t understand how someone could look like royalty just by looking at them. She looks someone that I couldn’t start a conversation with in real life. She looks so mysterious and beautiful. Other members are beautiful too but Mina’s beauty is on another level.”

EXO’s Suho

“I haven’t met a lot of the EXO members but personally for me I felt that Suho was the best-looking in real life. His features were so prominent that you could tell it was him from far away. His skin was so pale and he had a great personality. He already looks so good in pictures, you will be shocked when you see him in person. You literally cannot put into words how amazing he looks in-person.”

Red Velvet’s Yeri

“I’ve seen a lot of posts on here of people talking bad about Yeri and that really is disheartening considering she’s the one that stands out the most when you see her in real life. She is so skinny! She might not look like that on V but in real life her face is so small and all her facial features are so cute. She has such big eyes and has a great personality. I’m sad that she doesn’t look like how she does in real life on the screen.”

Have you seen any idols in real-life?