K-Pop Insiders Reveal The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures Celebrities Get

“So stressful.”

K-Pop artist Coco and former trainee Gina Maeng sat down to film a question and answer video on the former’s YouTube channel, Rilaccoco. Part four of their “Dark sides of K-Pop” series saw them revealing everything from the contracts of idols to the hardships they face due to their diets.

Gina (Left) and Coco (Right) | rilaccoco 리락코코/YouTube

They also touched on the plastic surgery norms among celebrities after several fans asked, “Who got plastic surgery? Is it common to have plastic surgery in the industry?” 

Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery | Elise Hu/NPR

Coco immediately confirmed this, saying, “Honestly, everyone got at least something done.”

Small procedures such as fillers, lasers, and botox are common. In their eyes, it is natural to expect that idols, actresses, and entertainers do everything they can to always appear at their peak.

Besides the desire to look beautiful, beauty clinics are also very widespread in the country, and certain procedures are affordable to most people.

Coco: Botox is so easy [to get] in Korea. It’s just, like, 40 dollars?

Gina: Or less, even.

As the trends changed over the years, so did the types of surgery Korean entertainers chose. Coco shared a story of a girl group who had breast enhancements done after their popularity surged.

Gina: That’s the thing that we didn’t have in K-Pop until a few years back.

Coco: Like having glamorous, hourglass bodies.

Changing one’s face has always been the norm, but now plastic surgery preferences have evolved to involving the body as well. In Gina’s experience, “All [jobs] in the entertainment industry involves some kind of artificial care. The degree of it differs.”

The girls ended with sympathetic words for those who are active in the industry.

That’s so stressful. Every inch of you, you take care of. Even guys get it done.

— Coco

For more interesting facts about K-Pop, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube
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