The Truth Behind Seljia, The “K-Pop Killer” Who Became An Urban Legend

The person behind the urban legend apologized.

Seljia (also known as Goddess Kim or Kim Yeo Shin) gained a fearsome reputation as the “K-Pop Killer,” but what started as a blog became an urban legend that K-Pop fans have been wary of, even to this day.

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In K-Pop, obsessive “fans,” known as sasaengs, have been known for their terrifying actions, sometimes even criminal, to gain attention from their favorite K-Pop idols.

For many, Seljia seemed to be a K-Pop sasaeng or perhaps an anti-fan (who just as intensely hate idols as obsessively as sasaengs). Over the years, Seljia has been associated with many attempts to supposedly get rid of “EXO‘s rivals.”

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Her list of supposed crimes included poisoning B.A.P‘s Himchan, adding glue to TVXQ Yunho‘s coffee, adding hydrochloric acid to B1A4 Baro‘s drink, attempting to give INFINITE‘s L Benzene, and trying to give INFINITE’s Dongwoo something weird to eat.

Seljia was also rumored to have been involved in the fatal Ladies Code car crash.

And during one Idol Star Athletic Championships, K-Pop fans were terrified that Seljia would strike again by giving EXO’s Sehun a poisoned drink, trending tags on Twitter and trying to prevent the group from accepting any drinks from fans. Other K-Pop fans also worried that Seljia might be purposely trying to trick fans and would actually give an idol of another group a contaminated drink instead, causing all K-Pop fans to be on high alert.

After an account surfaced in 2017, BTS fans believed that Seljia was back, as someone threatened BTS and Jimin, specifically on Twitter.

But what is the truth behind the urban legend of the “K-Pop Killer?”

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SBS‘s Curious Stories Y once did an exposé on the urban legend, which has since been removed. Netizens tend to believe the episode was removed given the culprit’s age.

Seljia’s alleged behavior was explained on her blog as her parents had died in a car accident caused by fans chasing TVXQ, causing Seljia to harbor immense hatred for idols and their fans.

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But the broadcast exposed that Seljia wasn’t who she claimed to be, even checking records of students at Korea University, where Seljia claimed to study and proving she didn’t actually attend the university.

They also investigated car crashes and found that Seljia had also lied about her parents.

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In an apology, Seljia admitted everything she claimed was a lie and apologized for what she’d done, revealing that she was a middle school student who started a blog out of “curiosity.”

I am an ordinary middle school student who read an article on anti-EXO. I became curious, so I started posting anti-messages on my blog. I will live like a normal person from now on.

— Seljia’s apology

Thus nothing about the urban legend is accurate, even though other dangerous sasaengs do exist.

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Source: Asia Today, Chosun and Midnight Theories