Professional K-Pop Makeup Artists Respond To Fans Who Get Angry At Them For Touching Their Idols While Working

They were once told, “Why are you touching my oppa?”

K-Pop idols have to go through various processes in order to appear picture-perfect for the camera. From hair to makeup to nails, their appearance is carefully cultivated. The ones who know this best are the stylists themselves.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo getting her makeup done | @sooyaa__/Instagram

In AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, Daho, the representative director of Cheongdam Lovey Makeup, and Kim Minseon, the assistant director, talked about their work in the Korean entertainment industry in detail.

Daho and Kim Minseon | AYO/YouTube

Kim Minseon explained that some of their tasks require close contact with the artists. “I do a lot of body makeup. I do shading as well to make muscles look deeper and bigger.”

INFINITE’s Sungyeol | @sungyeol_19910827/Instagram

Unfortunately, several K-Pop fans think badly of these professionals for being so close to their favorites. One netizen even said, “I want a man to do all the hair and makeup for male idols. Even the makeup artists do their bodies too and it bothers me.”

Contrary to this comment, Daho revealed that fans can be indiscriminate when it comes to singers. While he was working with a celebrity on KBS‘s Music Bank, several girls swore at him—a male makeup artist—for touching the male idol while doing his makeup. “Why are you touching my oppa?”

Contrary to what netizens may expect, hair and makeup artists do not revel in touching celebrities. To them, it’s simply a part of their work.

BTS’s Jungkook getting his makeup professionally done

I put on body makeup to make it look [more pronounced]. I’m not touching them because I want to!

— Kim Minseon

In fact, their job is not as glamorous as fans may imagine it to be. They have to be quick while putting on the idol’s makeup in order to keep up with the strict schedules that they have.

They concluded, “We can’t do anything about it…we try and just work hard because our idols have to shine the most on stage.”

To know more insider secrets about K-Pop idols and their hair and makeup artists, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube