How This K-Pop Maknae Went From Science Textbook Model To 4th Gen It-Girl

We can’t believe no one noticed this before!

In most textbooks, some kids model in cheesy poses throughout to lighten up the bland text. With all those children modeling, it would make sense that some of them would end up famous, and that’s exactly what happened with this girl group member.

Who’s that future idol? |

During a behind-the-scenes of a Studio Choom dance cover filming, one girl group member outed another when the backstage conversation turned from how they used to write on their textbooks to exposing the other’s model past. “Aren’t you in the current textbook?” 

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These textbook photos belong to none other than





Baek Jiheon of Fromis_9!

Baek Jiheon during Fromis_9’s “Talk & Talk” comeback. |

While backstage, member Seoyeon brought up this model history which Jiheon was quick to deny, saying that “it’s gone now.”

Seoyeon cut through Jiheon’s denial by reminding her that the internet is forever.


To add to it, Seoyeon shared that she’d seen a textbook featuring fellow idol in real life and had taken photo evidence as proof!

Yes! I found it and took a picture of it. The photo of you studying in the living room. When I saw that I went ‘It’s Baek Jiheon!’ and took a picture.


Seoyeon knew precisely which subject Jiheon had modeled for, confirming with her; “was it the science textbook? I think it was the science textbook.”


After all this talk of textbooks, the staff became curious and decided to ask Jiheon how it felt to be in her own textbooks, to which she replied, “nothing much!”

After coming to terms with the fact that she really was in the textbook, both Jiheon and Seoyeon even recreated her iconic poses.

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Jiheon was only 13 years old at the time of the photos, and while she is embarrassed now that she did the shoot with no makeup, her reason behind it was sweet.

My mom was proud of my face. She was like, ‘Jiheon, since you are young, you should take it without any makeup on!’ So I took all of those photos without any makeup on. Why did I do that?


Baek Jiheon behind-the-scenes of her textbook shoot in 2016. |

We’re so glad Seoyeon decided to share her fun fact about her fellow “FUN!” singer. Have you ever seen these pictures before? Let us know, and to see Fromis_9’s full behind-the-scenes, check out the video below: