Here’s Why It’s Important For Idols To Get Their Nails Done, According To Professionals

They revealed why male and female idols should take care of their nails.

Recently, popular nail artists Jeon Seo Yeong and Son Ki Hwan were invited to speak about their profession on an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders.”

Jeon Seo Yeong (left) and Son Ki Hwan (right) | @AYO/YouTube

They revealed many interesting K-Pop related facts about the importance of clean nails for idols. A netizen brought up the topic when they mentioned why nail pedicures are a must.

Idols have to take care of the tip of their hands. Nail pedicure is a must since their pictures are taken any time.

— Netizen comment

Both Jeon Seo Yeong and Son Ki Hwan couldn’t agree more! Jeon Seo Yeong explained why it is so important for female idols, especially when they’re seen on camera. Nail art in particular is never more essential than when they do their “ending fairy” poses at the end of a performance.

Female idols do a lot of moves with the tips of their fingers. For ‘ending fairy,’ they always use their hands. Nail art is a must for these moves.

— Jeon Seo Yeong

On the other hand, Son Ki Hwan shared why male idols must also take care of their nails. He stressed that it is obvious when an idol has dirty hands.

People think that nobody is going to look at their fingertips, but people actually do see them. Male idols’ dead skin are dirty. There’s a big difference between clean hands and dirty hands.

— Son Ki Hwan

No one knows this better than K-Pop idols! Usually, whether it’s comeback season or not, the nails of idols are always noticeably neat and clean.

TWICE Mina’s “ending fairy” pose. | Mnet

Learn more about K-Pop nail art in the full video below!

Source: AYO