K-Pop Plastic Surgeons Reveal Why Idols Get Botox In Their Nostrils

Nostrils don’t have wrinkles, so why do they need Botox there?

According to Park Moon Soo and Kook Hwa—the directors at Moon Clinic plastic surgery facility in South Korea—Botox is one of the most common cosmetic treatments idols get after debuting. Generally, the most common Botox injection sites include the forehead, brows, jawline, and lip area. Idols, however, also get Botox somewhere very unusual: their nostrils. Here’s why.

If you’re not familiar with Botox, the process involves injecting a toxin into the face (or any other part of the body) that causes the muscles to relax. Typically, it’s used to smooth out wrinkles in the face. Park Moon Soo and Kook Hwa revealed idols often receive “petit-surgeries” (non-invasive procedures) like this repeatedly throughout their careers.

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Of course, nostrils don’t have wrinkles, so why do idols bother getting Botox there? According to the Moon Clinic directors, it’s all about those close-ups. During music show performances and online concerts, camera operators alternate between wide shots and zoomed-in views of the idols. Naturally, every star wants to look their best when all eyes are on them alone.

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However, singing and dancing on stage isn’t easy, which is why most idols quickly find themselves out of breath on stage. When they’re breathing hard in a close-up or ending fairy shot, that heavy breathing can make their nostrils flare.


That’s where Botox comes in. These injections relax the muscles in the nose so they can’t tense up. “If you get Botox so you can’t move [your nose muscles],” Park Moon Soo explained, “Even when you breathe hard, your nose is fixed.”

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Even flaring your nose might be a big deal since the idol’s face is close up.

— Park Moon Soo

These two directors aren’t the first to reveal this idol secret. In a video on her YouTube channel, WayLand, former idol Crayon Pop‘s Way brought up how Botox is a common way to keep the nostrils pretty on stage. However, Way also revealed that nostril Botox is “super painful” compared to other injection sites, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

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Source: AYO 에이요 (YouTube)