SM Entertainment K-Pop Artists Prove Their Vocal Prowess Time And Again With Phenomenal Encore Performances

“No matter how much people push the lipsync-idols image on SM, there’s no denying they produce the best vocalists.”

When it comes to the biggest labels in the Korean entertainment industry, some of them are more well-known for certain strengths and weaknesses than others. For example, JYP Entertainment is often praised for their artists’ performance abilities, while YG Entertainment has always had strong rappers among their idols.

For SM Entertainment, the long-standing company has long been known to produce some of the best vocalists in K-Pop. Both their solo artists and the main and lead vocalists of their groups have been praised for having a high standard in singing abilities, and recently the topic was discussed on an online forum with many examples to prove it.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior), one of the most legendary male K-Pop vocalists | SBS

Encore stages after winning music show awards are notoriously difficult, and have led to numerous instances of K-Pop idols being criticized online for having poor vocal abilities.

But in the forum post about SM Entertainment’s strong vocalists, nearly all the examples given are from encore stages, showing just how easily their idols are able to perform live without heavy backing or lipsyncing.

Both older artists like SHINee and Super Junior as well as newer groups like aespa are included in the examples, showing that the label’s vocal talents have lasted through the generations.

Male and female vocalists alike, too, are shared in the examples, proving that gender doesn’t matter either when it comes to singing skills at SM Entertainment.

It seems like the label really puts in a lot of time, effort, and money to make sure their idols get proper vocal training, and even their less vocal-focused artists are able to hold their own during these live performances!

Some fans have expressed their wish that other companies would provide as much professional training to their vocalists that SM Entertainment seems to do.

There were a ton of comments on the post about SM Entertainment idols’ singing abilities, with even those who aren’t a huge fan of the label admitting that their vocalists are on another level.

There’s definitely no denying that SM Entertainment is full of top-notch singers, as well as performers, rappers, and visuals too!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa