This K-Pop Song Was Voted The #1 Song To Avoid During Exam Season

The university entrance exam for Korean high school students is fast approaching and students are keeping as far distance as they can from this one song.

“Ring Ding Dong” with its catchy hook has everyone bouncing their hips with the fun melody.

But it becomes your worst nightmare when you are trying to focus!

The addictive hook of the song sticks right in your head and refuses to leave!

It makes sense why SHINee’s big hit is deemed “The Worst Song for Exam Seasons”!

Produce 101‘s “PICK ME UP” cut it close as the 2nd most disrupting song.

And Produce 101 Season 2‘s “PICK ME” came in at third.

Next in line was Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, Kim Yon Ja’s “Amor Fati”, Bi’s “LA SONG” and Incredible and Tablo’s “Oppa’s Car”.

Netizens’ “favorite” however, was “I’m Your Man” by SS501 because it is legendary for its infinitely looping melody.

 [+912, -31] Where’s “I’m Your Man”…

[+912, -31] Isn’t “I’m Your Man” the real #1… or maybe the generation that listened to is all older now

[+52, -2] “I’m Your Man” gets stuck in your head way more than “Ring Ding Dong”

— Nate netizens

Hopefully, people around the country will try their best to stay away from playing these songs for the sake of the students!

Listen to “The Worst Song For Exam Seasons” below!

Source: Nate