These K-Pop Speed Paints Are So Realistic, You’ll Think They’re The Real Deal

What do you mean this isn’t a photo?

At first glance, you might mistake this portrait of BTS‘s Suga for a photo because, well, just look at it.


YouTube artist Yunhosbambi creates realistic K-Pop portraits on Photoshop just by eyeballing a reference photo, like this one.


Her attention to detail is mind-boggling.


She painstakingly captures every hair and fold of skin…


…and even the patterns on their clothes!


To create these portraits, Yunhosbambi uses a popular technique called speed painting.


When speed painting, the artist has a limited time to finish the work. The time can vary; a duration is usually set from several minutes to a few hours. Speed paintings are considered “finished” when the time limit is up.


Yunhosbambi’s most popular speed painting video is of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. It currently has over 1 million views.


Yunhosbambi is part of the growing community of talented artists who draw inspiration from K-Pop to create fantastic works of art. Other popular speed painters include drawholic




…and ashiyaart. All of these artists use different mediums and techniques to bring their favourite K-Pop stars to life.


To see more of Yunhosbambi’s speed painting, check out the video here.