K-Pop Stylist Reveals Which BLACKPINK Member Helped To Create The Group’s Iconic Hanbok Outfits

It was definitely a stylish look!

In K-Pop, alongside the fantastic music and dazzling visuals, one thing that fans love to see is the outfits the idols are wearing. From music videos to performances, some outfits just scream iconic, and no group fits that description more than BLACKPINK!

The members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

Two K-Pop stylists recently appeared on the AYO YouTube channel and discussed some of the groups they’ve worked with, including BTS, TXT, and BLACKPINK, revealing some of the secrets behind their favorite work.

In particular, stylist, visual director and all-around savior to idols Kim Tae Young (known as Balko) revealed that she was the creator of the iconic BLACKPINK hanbok outfits from the “How You Like That” music video.

The hanbok outfits spoken about | YG Entertainment

From the moment those outfits were revealed, fans worldwide praised the innovation and detail of each piece. In particular, the viewer couldn’t help but compliment Jisoo’s outfit, which was stylish and suited her personality!

During the video, Balko revealed that even though she was proud of the outfits, she couldn’t take full credit for the styling.

That was reformed well by me. Jennie gave so many ideas when making this hanbok. She showed me a picture, and it was a pictorial where the model was wearing western dress code in Korean style, and I just got hooked by it.

— Kim Balko

Balko also revealed the thought and design process that went into creating the outfits and how much work she put in to ensure that they all looked effortless and worked with the video’s concept.

I purchased outfits that weren’t very hanbok-like and ones with hanbok lines, customized and made the outfit.

— Kim Balko

As expected, Balko was extremely proud of the finished result and the reactions it got from fans, and the influence it has had on other artists and designers when working with the traditional hanbok style.

I did it, but I thought, “I did it well.” I felt like I did the mission well.

— Kim Balko

There is no denying how iconic these outfits are. Recently, fans have seen more idol groups such as K.A.R.D, A.C.E, and many more also put their own spin on the traditional hanbok design. You can watch the whole video below!


Source: AYO