Why K-Pop Stylists Usually Have Favorite Members In A Group

Two insiders from the industry shared the details, including a former idol.

Fashion is a significant part of a K-Pop group’s image and often causes issues when some members aren’t styled as well as others. Even popular groups like aespa and BLACKPINK have encountered those problems because of their stylists. Two insiders who worked in the industry revealed why it was so common.

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Former Blady and CocoSori member Coco held a Q&A with her friend Gina Maeng, a former trainee of over ten years at various K-Pop companies. They immediately confirmed that stylists have favorites and shared a few reasons why.

Gina Maeng and Coco. | 이코코 RilacCoco/YouTube

The first reason was based on how well the individual idol treated others. Gina said, “It could be because this member is nice and well-mannered. And always is on time.

| 이코코 RilacCoco/YouTube

The second reason was a stylist’s “personal preference.” Gina explained, “The clothes that you prefer fit better on this particular member.” However, there was a third reason that upset both of them.

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Coco remembered being treated poorly and getting yelled at by the makeup and hair stylists during her group’s trainee days. Coco admitted, “So they were very mean to us.

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That all changed when Coco’s mom gave her gifts to show gratitude to the staff for New Year’s. She was shocked to accidentally become their stylists’ favorite member all because of money.

The level of kindness [skyrocketed]. After that, they were so nice to me.

…So I guess I became the favorite after giving them gift cards.

— Coco

See the two share a few reasons why K-Pop stylists often have favorite members in a group, with most of them being out of the idol’s control.