Former K-Pop Trainee Exposes The Cruel Treatment Of Gay Trainees By Their Companies

There’s a reason it’s rare to hear about gay trainees and idols.

In the world of K-Pop, it’s rare to find the plot of a music video centered on a same-sex romance or an idol openly claiming to be gay.


Based on what UK native Euodias witnessed during her two years as a K-Pop trainee, there’s a dark reason why.

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When laying out all of the restrictions placed on trainees, she shared that some didn’t abide by their dating ban. “Dating was banned, though some secretly did.” Euodias then took a dark turn by exposing how differently gay trainees were treated from those who were straight.


If trainees were not straight, the company wanted them to hide their true identity. “Trainees were all supposed to act straight even if they weren’t.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worse part of the situation.

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If gay trainees didn’t pretend to be straight, they were punished by their own company for being open about their sexuality. “Anybody who appeared to be openly gay was ostracised by the company.

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With this cruel treatment in mind, it’s understandable why it’s uncommon to find gay idols who are as open about their sexuality as the celebrated singer HOLLAND. He became the country’s first openly gay singer in 2018—a mere two years ago.

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Since the information came from what one trainee witnessed from her two years between two different companies, there may be companies who aren’t cruel to their gay trainees at all. Still, no one will ever know since the majority of trainees and idols have yet to openly claim a gay identity.

Source: BBC

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