Agencies Are Strict About Praising Trainees, Former Idol Explains Why

There’s a reason for being so selective.

Since trainees spend long days training and are evaluated every month, someone might think they’re often praised for their efforts, especially by staff high in the company. A former idol revealed that wasn’t true and explained its reasoning when reacting to BABYMONSTER‘s Ruka‘s evaluation by Yang Hyun Suk.

Former ILUV member Shin Min Ah revealed that high-level staff in an entertainment agency rarely praise trainees. She said, “CEOs and PDs don’t usually compliment that much.

Rather than opening the door to trainees becoming careless after hearing too much praise, agencies wanted trainees to always “give their best” to earn those rare compliments.

Shin Min Ah explained that agencies are trying to “make them work harder” to improve their skills.

So agency staff, especially higher-level ones, shy away from constantly throwing out compliments.

But when a CEO or PD does praise a trainee, Shin Min Ah revealed it means they’re genuinely “outstanding,” like Ruka, who Yang Hyun Suk praised.