K-Pop Twitter Is Having A Blast Getting Ready For Incarceration With The #KpopGoingToJailParty On Twitter

Looks like it’s time to go to the big house… again.

After K-Pop stans hijacked the #harrystylesgoingtojailparty hashtag on Twitter, some “local” fans were upset and started the #kpopgoingtojailparty hashtag. Little did they know that there’s little Twitter K-Pop stans love more than a good old “Going to Jail Party.” So, in typical K-Pop Twitter fashion, they took over the hashtag and hilarity ensued.

“Going to Jail Parties” just might have more fandom uniting power than anything else in the K-Pop universe.

The #Kpopgoingtojailparty hashtag trended at number 11 in the United States, and a quick search of the hashtag explains why. Every tweet is pure gold.

The K-Pop multifandom has created and gone through so many “Going To Jail Parties” we can’t wait to see the next reason everyone’s getting locked up.