K-Pop Fans Are Convinced YG Entertainment And SM Entertainment Are About To Collab, And Here’s Why

What do you think of a possible collaboration?

Collaborations in the K-Pop industry between idols from different companies isn’t unheard of, but recently, fans have been noticing some behavior between SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment that has them wondering if something is in the works.

A recent post on Reddit shared some of the interesting interactions that has been spotted between the two labels. One of the first was that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon posted a picture of SHINee‘s Onew‘s Dice on his Instagram story.

Screenshot from G-Dragon’s Instagram story

Of course, this could just be the YG Entertainment idol showing appreciation for another artist’s work, but there’s other evidence too! There was also this odd post from Baz Luhrmann, the director of recently released movie Elvis, comparing Elvis‘s past national service to that of current K-Pop idols such as G-Dragon and SHINee.

Apart from this, the official Twitter account for YG Entertainment also recently liked a tweet about SHINee’s Minho and Key.

SM Entertainment’s Spotify account also started following BLACKPINK‘s Spotify page, which is interesting!

And lastly, SM Entertainmemnt’s CEO Lee Sung-soo started following YG Entertainment artists such as TREASURE, BLACKPINK, and G-Dragon on Instagram.

Fans are having fun in the comment section of the Reddit post while speculating about what could be in the works!

If something really is in the works between these two companies, it’s bound to be epic!

Source: Reddit