This YouTuber Has The Most Hilarious K-Pop Dance Medley Videos That Will Make You Want To Dance Too

In a time of so many talented dancers, you have to stand out somehow

With how many K-Pop dance cover artists there are on social media these days, some dancers can struggle to stand out among all the talented people performing covers.

Because of this, some creators get a little creative with their dance covers… Or, in the case of one YouTuber, extremely creative.

GoToe has been creating a variety of different types of K-Pop content, most of which have been of the dancing kind.  Known for his hilarious facial expressions and interesting fashion sense, the YouTuber has garnered a following of almost 2 million on the platform… And it’s easy to see why!

His content ranges from public random dance plays, to dance medleys of music videos that have the highest views and the most popular songs over the year.  Recently, he even posted a cover of himself dancing to the intro of BTS‘s “Fire”… for an hour straight.

He’s even drawn enough attention to feature K-Pop idols on his channel, such as Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk, and NCT 127!

Some of his most popular recent dance videos, however, have been even more… Interesting and creative.  In three separate videos, he has taken all of the “lalalas”, “nananas”, and “ohohohs” in K-Pop songs respectively, and mashed them into chaotic medleys that he then dances to in his usual spazzy and hilarious style.

Make sure to check these videos out if you want a good laugh and love watching entertaining dance cover artists!