Kriesha Chu and Son Yeon Jae Look Like Basically The Same Person

Kriesha Chu has just debuted with her single “Trouble” and fans have already found a look-alike for her in Son Yeon Jae.

K-Pop Star 6 contestant-turned-idol, Kriesha Chu and her fans went through a rollercoaster of emotions on her road to fame, but Kriesha has finally made it. Now that she has been thrust into the spotlight, many have begun to notice a similarity between her and Korea’s darling gymnast, Son Yeon Jae.

Photo collages of the two have been surfacing online and the resemblance is admittedly uncanny—they may be 4 years apart in age, but they might just as well be twin sisters!

Kriesha Tiu’s latest wavy hairstyle and hair color made these similarities more obvious!

 Both young women are described as having similar “fairy-like” facial features from their small faces to their round eyes, and bright smiles.

You’d definitely be forgiven for thinking they were at least sisters.