Krystal Jung Is Known As An “Ice Princess”…Until She Sees Bread And Turns Into A Little Cinnamon Roll, Of Course

Krystal looked like a completely cute cinnamon roll. “Ppang” intended.

Krystal Jung is famously known as the “Ice Princess” mostly because her resting face is a little intimidating.

She looks lovely and drop-dead gorgeous, but in a cool chic kind of way.

Maybe it’s one of the reasons why she’s so convincing as an antagonist in some of the dramas she’s starred in.

But did you know that whenever her favorite snack, bread, is involved, Krystal’s cold exterior melts and she turns into an adorable cinnamon roll? Just check out Krystal running towards the bakery.

She sees all the types of bread available and breaks out into a huge grin.

After shopping for all the bread varieties she wanted to try out, Krystal flashes the store-owner one of her warmest smiles.

With no moment to lose, she tries out the “crack bread” which is supposed to be addicting, hence the name.

She could barely contain her glee as she opens the bread and its yummy smell is spread throughout the van.

After tasting the bread, Krystal smiles once again — you can see the absolute glee in her eyes as she exclaims how delicious the bread is.

Watch the full video below.


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