Krystal’s Recent Airport Fashion Shocks Fans

Krystal shocked fans with her surprising fashion at the airport.

Fans were shocked by recent photos of Krystal taken at the airport which show her wearing clothes that have an “embarrassing” fit.


Netizens were wondering if it’s the fit that is making her look heavier than usual or if she has gained some weight.


They said that the outfit is too embarrassing for her fashion-conscious image.

  • “Quite embarrassing… these are the worst clothes I’ve seen.”
  • “Because of the awkward fit she looks heavy…. Usually even if she gains weight she looks slim anyway.”


The common opinion was that the shirt seems to have too much material around her shoulders and chest, making her appear larger.

  • “God, I’ve never seen Krystal look like this.”
  • “She seems to have put on a bit of weight, but I think it’s the clothes that make her look larger.”
  • “It’s the clothes that are the problem.”


Netizens were also speculating that Krystal herself was uncomfortable with her outfit. She was seen covering herself as she walked into the airport.

  • “If you dress well again and lose some weight, you’ll look pretty again.”
  • “She put on a lot of weight. It’s a shame she got so fat, but she’s still pretty. God.”


But others defended Krystal, showing why the clothes made her look larger than she really is.

  • “When I look at the curves and spaces that are left over from the material, I can see that the pants make her look bigger.”
  • “If you see her in real life, she’s nothing but bones.”


Others shared pictures of Krystal at a different event during the similar time, but she was looking slimmer and stylish at the Piaget store opening in Taipei.

Source: Elle


While the airport outfit definitely divided fans, what isn’t in dispute is how fashionable she looked at the opening.


Basically, no matter what she wears, Krystal is always pretty!

Source: Pann Nate