Krystal Reveals The Reason Why F(x) Broke Down Crying The Day They Debuted

It was for a truly unexpected reason

F(x)’s maknae Krystal recently sat down for an interview with Urbänlike Magazine to discuss her personal thoughts and experiences.

The interviewer pointed out that this year was the 10th debut anniversary for Krystal, who first debuted as a member of F(x) when the group made their broadcast debut on September 5, 2009.

In commemoration of this anniversary, Krystal was asked what her most memorable moment has been in the ten years that has passed.

Krystal answered that what still is the most unforgettable moment was F(x)’s debut date, even after all these years.

While many idols deem their debut date as unforgettable as it was the endpoint of years of hard work and training, F(x) actually found it memorable for a different reason.

The group made their debut with their single “LA chA TA” and were incredibly busy preparing for their first stage performance.

Fellow member Amber has even admitted that she hardly remembers anything during their debut, because she was so tired that it was all a haze.

Yet, on the night before their debut stage, it was announced that their choreography had changed, much to the dismay of F(x).

While countless groups had confessed that their choreography had changed at the very last minute, for F(x), this was for their debut performance!

Stressed that they would leave a bad first impression for their first broadcast, the F(x) members urgently practised their choreography the whole night.

Krystal revealed that the members were so meticulous with their performance, that they were even practising right up to the broadcast.

With all the stress and unease that came with the recently changed dance steps, the F(x) members unfortunately kept getting their choreography wrong during the recording.

Much to their frustrations at not getting the choreography right, the F(x) members started tearing up during the recording for their first broadcast.

We kept crying because we got our dance steps wrong during the recording

Thankfully, the members were able to perfect their performance and put on a phenomenal recording, that cemented theirs as one of the many great debuts of 2009.

Yet, with how much worry and pressure that the members had experienced over the past 24 hours, the members were so relieved when their recording ended, that they started crying again.

Cried again after we finished our stage too

Fortunately for F(x), their performance was a hit, with many fans remembering that they were shocked to hear that the recording was actually their debut stage.

Regardless of the adversities that they encountered, the F(x) members were able to pull together as a team to overcome this and showcase their talents and charisma.

Ever since their debut, nothing could stop them, not even a monsoon!

With something as crazy and emotional as a moment like this, it is no wonder that F(x)’s debut date will always be Krystal’s most unforgettable memory from her 10-year career.