Krystal Reveals Her Thoughts On Leaving f(x)

Krystal took the time to sit down for an interview following the massive success of her drama Prison Playbook, where she revealed her thoughts on the possibility of leaving f(x).

Krystal played the role of Kim Ji Ho, a traditional Korean medicine student in University and ex-girlfriend of the main character, Kim Je Hyuk.

Talking about receiving the tag of an idol-actress, Krystal said she knows, but will never get rid of the idol part.

“I debuted with f(x) and promoted as the singer Krystal. I don’t want to get rid of this tag.

But I’ve also added in acting as well, so I want to do my best in both places even though I already have a previous image as a singer.”

— Krystal

Krystal also confirmed she has never once thought about leaving f(x).

“I haven’t thought about leaving f(x) once, never.”

— Krystal

She was then asked when the fans and public would be able to see f(x) together again on stage.

The answer was when they get a good song.

“When we get a good song, we’ll release an album whenever that is. I am also interested in a solo album. I’m open to that idea too.

Right now, f(x) isn’t releasing an album but there are many opportunities in acting. That’s why I’m working as an actress right now.

— Krystal

We hope f(x) will receive the good song they wish for so we can see them promote together again!

Source: Ilgan Sports