Krystal Reveals Why She Will Never Date Someone Again After She Breaks Up With Them

It’s either lovers or platonic friends.

Krystal sat down for an interview about her latest role in Prison Playbook, where she revealed that she would NEVER date anyone after breaking up with them.

Krystal played the role of Kim Ji Ho, an ex-girlfriend of the main character, Kim Je Hyuk.

The interviewer asked if she would ever keep a semi-romantic relationship with an ex-boyfriend, a lot like the relationship between Ji Ho and Je Hyuk.

The answer was a flat out “No.”

“If we break up, it’s over.”

— Krystal

She explained that she doesn’t like having complicated relationships. Either you’re dating or just platonic friends.

“I don’t like playing with people when I’m dating.

I really hate playing push-and-pull.

If I like you, I like you. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you.”

— Krystal

She reiterated that her dating style is much like her personality. Honest about her feelings.

Source: Joy News