Krystal Unleashed Her Sassy Side When Amber Pretended Not To Recognize Her

Krystal had no time for Amber’s Instagram games!

Krystal has been dropping all sorts of updates and heart-fluttering selcas on Instagram lately. One of these gorgeous selcas, however, didn’t just catch everyone’s attention because of how absolutely stunning Krystal looked but also because of Amber‘s teasing and Krystal’s sassy response.

The chance to tease Krystal may have just been too hard to resist as Amber was spotted leaving a “Who is this?” comment under Krystal’s post!

Krystal, however, was having none of it and sent an extra sassy reply right back! And with Krystal’s straight-forward reply, Amber was left with only one option — agreeing with Krystal!

With Amber’s agreement and final message telling Krystal to go to bed, MeU couldn’t help cracking up over their playful and sassy exchange.

But that’s Amber and Krystal for you!