Kwak Dong Yeon Reveals The Character That Was The Toughest To Play

It was a role that required a lot of thought!

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon is known for his ability to play many diverse roles since making his acting debut back in 2012. More recently, he has gained even more attention from his role as Jang Han Seo in tvN‘s K-Drama Vincenzo.

| @kwakdongyeon0/Instagram

In a recent video for ESQUIRE Korea, Kwak Dong Yeon sat down and answered some questions about his life, daily routines, and career. 

Although it wasn’t a huge role, Kwak Dong Yeon revealed that it was playing Gido in the hit K-Drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. 

The character itself was so intense. It was clearly mentioned in the show from which disease he was suffering. So I shouldn’t play the character as I please using my imagination.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

Although loved by fans, the character was complicated, and Kwak Dong Yeon explained that he did a lot of research before getting into the role.

I asked doctors for advice, and I didn’t want the character to look too funny. So, it was really hard to start to work on it.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

He also added that once he had more direction and a clearer view of who the character was, it helped immerse him into the role and play justice to the script and story.

The script was very well structured and clear about his emotion and role in the show. After I set my direction like ‘I should play it like this,’ there was no doubt, and I was able to go on as I thought.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

Despite his worries, Kwak Dong Yeon managed to portray the in-depth character of Gido, and his story was one that fans intently followed during the show.

You can watch the whole video below.