You Might Want Kwanghee as Your Boyfriend Because He Knows Exactly What to Get Your Mom as a Gift

He knows exactly how to win over a mother-in-law.

On the 14th of last month, the first episode of KBS Joy’s new variety show, Shopping Mall, where Kwanghee shocked everyone with his very keen eye for girlfriends’ mothers.

Shopping Mall is a show that listens to viewers who need gift ideas and recommends what the panel thinks is best depending on the circumstances.

On the first episode, a male viewer in their 30s was contemplating what gift to bring to his first meeting with the parents of his girlfriend of over 8 years.

The viewer asked for gift recommendations that will leave a favorable impression with his future in-laws, so each host made suggestions, and what particularly stood out was that of Kwanghee.

After reading over the situation, Kwanghee shared his opinion that rather than targeting the entire family, he has to target only the mother, since her father would probably just be happy seeing his wife happy.

He then thought of an idea and searched for Northern European dishware sets that are bound to win over just about any mother.

Kwang Hee explained, “Most families use ordinary dishes until the kids grow up, but once they’re out of the house, mothers like to drink tea and flaunt their beautiful dishware to friends.

Unsurprisingly, the viewer picked Kwanghee’s choice out of all of the hosts and praised him for thinking about the mother and being so witty and considerate in making his selection.

Source: Insight
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