Kwanghee Reveals Male Idols These Days Often Suffer From Hair Loss

It is a big concern even for idols.

Kwanghee recently revealed that these days, many male idols suffer from hair loss.

An episode of Meddling of Shopping Season 2, which is set to broadcast on July 25, talked about hair loss, which is one of the biggest concerns for people these days.


On this day, Kwanghee revealed that many male idols have concerns about hair loss. He also confessed that he used to have lush hair that people were envious of, but explained how things have changed.

On set, Kwanghee received a scalp test and was shocked at the results. After seeing the unexpected results, he honestly expressed himself without hesitation, even bringing up his mother as one of the causes.


Moreover, the cast members of the program will be introducing new items for those concerned about hair loss. From scalp injections to helmets that cost up to 1,400,000 KRW ($1,187 USD), the cast members will try the products for themselves and deliver their honest reviews.


Meddling of Shopping Season 2 will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on July 25.

Source: Hankyung