Kwanghee Reveals He’s Considering Joining YG, JYP or SM Entertainment

On January 21, Hwang Kwanghee revealed on Infinite Challenge that he had received many calls from multiple entertainment agencies upon leaving Star Empire.

According to Kwanghee, multiple entertainment agencies had contacted him once news reports announced that he had become a free agent. He revealed that one agency even sent him a text message with an offer for his contract out of desperation:

“One person – I guess he was desperate – sent me a text message with the amount of money they would offer me. I was being contacted like I was selling something online.”

During an episode of Infinite Challenge, Kwanghee visited multiple agencies in an attempt to find a new home.

The first agency he visited was JYP Entertainment, where he called out GOT7‘s Jackson, who was in the middle of practicing – to ask him, “Do you think I suit JYP?“. Despite the fact that he was being filmed, Jackson gave a brutally honest answer: “I don’t think so.

To make Kwanghee feel better, Jackson recommended him to join YG, stating that he felt like someone who belonged in BIGBANG‘s.

Which agency do you think he would fare well win?

Source: SPOTV News, Sports Seoul