Kwanghee Reveals The Hardships He Endured During His Trainee Days

Kwanghee remains honest about the entertainment industry.

Kwanghee (formerly of ZE:A) recently talked about his rookie days on MBC‘s new program, Anyway, To Work!.

MC Kim Gu Ra mentioned that making the show was difficult due to COVID-19, but thanks to fans’ support, they could make it. Kwanghee added that he was nervous as Kim Gu Ra and Park Sun Young had much more experience than him.

Kim Gu Ra

Kim Gu Ra was surprised, as ZE:A was formed all the way back in 2010, meaning that he had been in the entertainment industry for at minimum 11 years.

To be honest, I was walking on eggshells while adjusting to the entertainment industry. I had a difficult time and cried in the MBC bathroom often. I will sincerely take part in this program with that heart.



Kwanghee has often been honest about his experiences in the entertainment industry and the many frustrations that come with it. However, this surprised many fans!

Source: Wikitree