Kwangmin insults Sungjae’s face, and his reaction is terrifying

Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin cracked a joke about BtoB‘s Sungjae visuals, and Sungjae’s reply was frighteningly funny!

Boyfriend’s Youngmin and Kwangmin hung out with BtoB’s Sungjae on Celebrity Bromance, a show known for pairing idols together and sending them off for a day of fun.

On a recent episode, Sungjae of BtoB got together with the twins of Boyfriend to have some fun and get up to some hilarious, and somewhat gross antics! One of the funniest show moments was when Sungjae embarrassed himself by being unable to remember when the twins were born, even after he claimed he knew.

Another funny moment came when Kwangmin appeared to compliment Sungjae on his recent performance in the show Goblin, but the compliment went a little off track when he said his visuals didn’t compare with Actor Gong Yoo’s visuals. Sungjae laughed, and then terrifyingly reacted by threatening to crash the car. However, it was all only light teasing between friends!

But perhaps the funniest thing to happen was when the boys went to eat together and Sungjae experienced the ultimate misfortune.

Oh, poor Sungjae!

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