Kwon Eun Bi Reveals How Malicious Comments Began To Affect Her Daily Life

It’s sad that she had to go through this.

Idols often talk about the love they receive from fans, and often express how grateful they are towards them. However, with the love comes hate comments and for some idols like singer Kwon Eun Bi (also spelled Kwon Eunbi), these malicious comments can truly affect how they feel, something she recently discussed in an interview.

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While promoting her newest release, “Underwater” Kwon Eun Bi appeared on the YouTube program The K-Star Next Door, where she discussed a variety of topics including answering host Jonathan‘s question about why she hid her Instagram likes.

According to the singer, she also wanted to limit the comments on her account as well because of the many mean and malicious comments she was receiving. She said that it really bugged her and that “because I’m human after all, I couldn’t stop paying attention to it.

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When Jonathan asks again about the likes, she states that she didn’t like seeing them because people would like photos but still leave hateful comments. Some of the comments made included rude opinions about her hair, make-up, and clothes.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube
| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

Kwon Eun Bi even reveals that it got to the point where she would consider what people would say about any of her actions from the moment she woke up in the morning.

It even got me thinking in the morning, ‘If I put this pin on, people might hate it.

— Kwon Eun Bi

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It seems like she has changed her feelings on how to react to these comments, however! When the show’s PD requests that Kwon Eun Bi read hate comments to Jonathan she reacts very strongly, calling one “a piece of garbage.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

Hopefully, Kwon Eun Bi will keep her strong attitude toward hate comments and they won’t be a problem for her in the future!

Check out the full interview below.

Source: 디글 :Diggle
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