Kwon Eunbi Decided To Change Her Makeup Style—Here’s Why

Did you notice the change?

Kwon Eunbi made her solo debut, and to mark her new start as a solo act, revealed that she changed up her makeup in order to reflect the current, new her!

Eunbi | @silver_rain.__/Instagram

Eunbi recently sat down for an “Informal” Interview” with FANVATAR on their Youtube channel, and answered questions sent in by her fans as well as the production team, in informal language!

One of the questions she received was about the change in her makeup, and she complimented the fan for their sharp eye and interest in her!

Your makeup style seems to have changed. Is there’s a makeup point you care more about than before?

Eunbi revealed that she did in fact change her makeup to suit her current tastes, and to look more innocent than she did before!

The makeup point has changed slightly. I think I’ve been trying to look innocent lately. Should I call it a dewey makeup? I’ll make my lips moist, add shadow or blush on the side. I’ll use more natural colors. I think that’s why you think it’s changed.


As Eunbi made a new start as a solo artist, her makeup reflects the vibe she wants to show as a singer, and she’s nailing the more light, innocent-looking styling perfectly!

Listen to her solo debut song, “Door”, here!