Kwon Eunbi Asks Complete Strangers What They Really Think Of Her, And Is Surprised By The Responses

She had expected a specific answer.

Kwon Eunbi recently met with popular YouTuber Pungja, and together they interacted with passersby on the street to see how they really felt about the talented soloist and former IZ*ONE leader.

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Before they ventured out to speak with people, Pungja asked Kwon Eunbi how she thought the general public would react to her.

While discussing her expectations about interviewing strangers, Kwon Eunbi opened up about how she believes people view her.

She shared that because of her image, she believes people find her “quiet and cold.

She was curious to see how people would really react when they meet her, and bravely wanted to get the public’s opinion on her image and music.

Luckily for Kwon Eunbi, her first interaction was with a fan, who gushed over how beautiful the idol was when they met.

Pungja asked the kind fan for her honest thoughts about whether Kwon Eunbi looked “cold-hearted,” and the fan had an unexpected response.

She hilariously agreed Eunbi did look “cold-hearted” but said it as a play on words, referring to Kwon Eunbi’s “cool” skin tone.

After her positive first encounter, she and Pungja then interviewed two women who also knew who Kwon Eunbi was, singing her song “Underwater” to prove it.

When the two fans were asked what their impression was of Kwon Eunbi, they also surprised the talented star with their answers. They thought of Kwon Eunbi as “innocent,” and pretty.

Kwon Eunbi’s luck was tested when the next group they interviewed didn’t recognize her. Pungja took the opportunity to ask them their unbiased opinion on the star’s image.

The group consisted of a mom, daughter, and brother-in-law, and the mom humorously gave her honest opinion, saying that Kwon Eunbi’s strong eyes gave her a cold look while clarifying she is beautiful.

After interviewing a few more people who praised Kwon Eunbi for her beauty and talent, she shared how she felt about the overall experience.

She felt grateful for the positive interactions and realized more people supported her than she initially thought.

Despite her belief that people think she’s “cold,” Kwon Eunbi is known for her kind and loving personality toward fans and media.

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