Kwon Nara Reveals Who Keeps Her Motivated To Work Harder As An Actress

They inspire her to improve and keep going.

Kwon Nara recently revealed that the well-respected senior actors, directors, and screenwriters working with her, are like teachers who play a big role in motivating her.

The actress has become a household name due to regularly and steadily appearing on popular, well-received K-Dramas. She shared that she was fortunate enough to work with people who are recognized seniors in the industry, and that they inspire her to work harder and keep moving forward.

Kwon Nara and her co-stars on the set of Royal Secret Agent | @hv_nara/Instagram

Nara further explained that she tends to choose characters that she wants to play and, since appearing in Royal Secret Agent, has no confirmed roles, but has noticed a fun project that she is interested in.

We look forward to her next exciting role!

Source: The Chosun Ilbo