Kwon Nara Reveals That She Almost Got Kidnapped When She Was A Trainee

This story will give you goosebumps.

During an episode of Knowing Brothers, former Hello Venus member Kwon Nara shared a story that horrified the cast members of the show.

She shared that when she was a trainee, practices would always end late.

After practice one day, she decided to catch a taxi to go home, as she didn’t want to disturb her parents late at night.

Kwon Nara ended up spending two hours trying to catch a taxi but was unsuccessful. That’s when a taxi showed up from the other side of the road. While the taxi was approaching her, she noticed some things that were off about it, such as how it liked a car that should have been scrapped.

The taxi then stopped in front of her, and the driver told her to “Get in“.

Kwon Nara was a little confused, as the driver didn’t even ask her where she was going. Also, when Kwon Nara did tell the driver where she was going, he said that he would charge her five dollars, but the usual fare would have been around 10 dollars.

Due to all these signs, Kwon Nara told the taxi driver that she didn’t need a taxi. However, the taxi driver started to get aggressive and told her to get in the taxi.

When she refused again, the taxi driver cursed at her and told her to get in.

Kwon Nara started to get frightened at this point, and she got even more scared when she noticed that no one else was on the street.

Kwon Nara then told the taxi driver that her parents would soon be coming to pick her up. After hearing this, the taxi driver rolled up his window and drove away.

When Kwon Nara looked at the license plate of the car, she noticed that it was covered in tape.

After the taxi went away, Kwon Nara tearfully called her parents, who quickly came to pick her up.

Here’s the full video below.