The Kwon Twins From YGX And “Street Man Fighter” Always Greet TREASURE’s Hyunsuk The Same Way, And It Shows Their True Personalities

Hyunsuk talked about them recently.

Very few professional dancers are as popular as the Kwon twins from dance crew YGX. Though they don’t sing or rap, they’ve amassed a huge fanbase over the years through their work with YG Entertainment artists.

They are rising in popularity even more by participating in Mnet‘s survival program Street Man Fighter.

One person who couldn’t help but fall for both Deuki and Dony (Kwon Young Deuk and Kwon Yong Don) was TREASURE’s Hyunsuk!

Hyunsuk | @treasuremembers/Twitter

They previously collaborated on a quick dance challenge video of “JIKJIN.”

Hyunsuk had only good things to say about them in the 29th episode of their T.M.I YouTube series. In fact, he randomly brought up their names in the middle of filming their “Hello” music video.

I met Deukie and Dony two days ago.

— Hyunsuk

Contrary to their tough appearances, the Kwon twins are actually as cute as can be in real life! They are not afraid to show affection to their juniors in the company, and Hyunsuk notably appreciates their method of greeting him.

I’m not even lying, every time I see them, [they] hug me.

— Hyunsuk

He couldn’t stop praising them. The last sentence that the editors of the series allowed him to say before speeding up his part was, “And literally every day…” They noted on the captions that he kept, “Talking about how the YGX hyungs are such nice and kind people.”

Hyunsuk was amazed at just how true the phrase “YG Family” was in real life. Based on his experience with the Deukie and Dony, he agreed that everyone from the artists to the dancers have a close relationship that transcends their work.

This is what YG Family is about. There’s a reason why it’s called ‘YG Family.’

— Hyunsuk

YG Family | Game Caterers 2

Source: YouTube