Kyulkyung Has Been Constantly Dyeing Her Hair And People Can’t Believe How Every Color Matches Her

Is there a color she can’t pull off?

Joo Kyulkyung (also known as Zhou Jieqiong), former PRISTIN member and I.O.I member, has been seen with different hair colors and people can’t believe how gorgeous she is.

She posted a series of photos onto her newly-opened Instagram account, in which the purple has faded into an almost ash-blonde with hints of purple.

Fans are saying that this color suits her so well and compliments her skintone. Some have mentioned that she looks like a fairy with lighter hair and that the mix of blonde and purple make her look almost magical.

Kyulkyung was spotted in the airport on July 27, 2019, however, with a totally different look. Her hair, which used to be long and flowy, has been chopped off and now touched her collarbones. She now has bangs as well. Perhaps the most radical change of all is her hair color, which is now a redish-brown color.

Fans are saying that now she looks more swaggy, emitting a girl crush vibe. This partnered up with her all-black outfit only make her look tougher and more hardcore than when she had her purple and ash blonde hair.

Still, people say she rocked this look just as well as the others. Now that fans know that she can pull off almost any color, they can’t wait to see what she dyes her hair next!

Source: Pann