Kyungri Teases ASTRO’s Eunwoo Hard By Reading Fan Comments

He is too cute when he’s embarrassed.

On Section TV, during Kyungri‘s interview with ASTRO‘s Eunwoo, she read aloud some comments that praised how handsome Eunwoo is. His priceless reactions to these fan compliments are 100% UWU worthy.

Eunwoo mentioned he has read some of these excessively affectionate comments before, but said he is too embarrassed to read them aloud himself.

Look how shy Eunwoo got, while asking Kyungri “You want me to read these out loud?”

That’s when Kyungri suggested that she channels her inner Eunwoo fangirl and read the comments for him.

Kyungri started off by reading, “I had indigestion since lunch and a terrible headache… but seeing your face made me feel all better, Eunwoo”, and he couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.

She continued, “I’m an idiot for being born before you, Eunwoo. Can I still call you oppa?” Eunwoo couldn’t even look at the camera, but said the fans are welcome to call him what they want!

Eunwoo survived the comment reading and thanked his fans for such creative and fun compliments.

Fans are completely in love with how cute Eunwoo is when he gets embarrassed!

Source: Insight